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Meet The Team


Extraordinarily passionate, simple and globally high impacting professionals

With glocal mindset and diverse technical, functional, soft and leadership capacities, its the best one can get to work with

Entrepreneurs by choice, decades of corporate experience, thousands of training, hundreds of consulting projects, long list of coaching assignments globally make this team the best.

Sampath Iyengar photo.jpg
Sampath Iyengar KR

Certified Coach @ Marshall Goldsmith (MGSCC), Certified MBTI Practitioner & Success Principle by Jack Canfield

Seasoned Professional & Simple Human Being, Passionate about contributing to the SUCCESS & HAPPINESS of People. My Vision is to make significant value add to at least a Million People in the next 10 years through Training, Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring.

I founded BlueTiger in March 2011 after working for over 25 years in various capacities across different industries/ countries in start-up, SME and large corporations. Before that I worked with MphasiS Limited as Vice President, where I was heading a 4500+ people Project, and left them to pursue my passion for Training, Coaching & Mentoring.

I have unmatched depth & width of experience in career & life. I had a humble beginning, born in a well-educated family from tiny village, studied in vernacular language in the village and nearby small town, started with a tiny salary of $ 8/month to finish off corporate life as the Vice President of MphasiS, an HP Company, which is one of the largest IT Corporation in India. Like many, I encountered many failures, humiliations, success, achievements, unprecedented performances, faced unbelievable situations in multiple industries, departments across multiple countries in my 28 years of illustrious professional life to make me a solid, sober, mature, cool headed & a Positive person with great values and have made a brand of my own.

As for as formal education is concerned, am an Engineer with further education from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (IIMC) and Dale Carnegie University. Further,

 Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
 Certified MBTI Step I & Step II practitioner; probably the only one to run public workshops
 Mentor with Menttium Corporation, USA, mentoring
 Trained on “Right Running Form” by India’s best marathoner
 Certified Trainer on "Success Principles" by Jack Canfield

Suraj Sreenath

Business Advisor


A leader with a specialty for leading organisations through transformational journeys, turning around under-performing businesses and delivering sustained value creation. Consistently strong track record in delivering superior organic growth in both mature and emerging markets. An inspiring leader, who people want to work with.

A proven, strong ability to develop and implement business strategy through people. Particularly passionate about creating a winning organisational culture, building and empowering teams, driving employee engagement, coaching leaders to lead and growing talent through creating a world of exciting career opportunities where people realise their ambition and true potential.

Dynamic and persuasive, strong collaborator and a global networker, able to engage key internal and external stakeholders to achieve the vision and goals of the business

Suraj photo.jpg
Prathap B

Prathap Bhimasena Rao’s life has been one that is filled with immense learning, experience & exposure. As a child, he was always interested in sports, adventure and travel. He went to win the ‘Best Cadet of Indian Air Force’, under the National Cadet Corps, that was awarded by then Prime Minister of India.

Prathap has represented his country as a youth globally at a very young age. After a successful stint with Indian Airforce as a fighter pilot, Prathap joined the corporate world. He went on to become one of the youngest Vice Presidents of large MNCs like HP and Hewitt.  He studied his masters in Harvard Business School, Indian Statistical Institute, IIMM and Doctoral work at Alliance University.

After serving various corporations successfully, Prathap embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey. Since then, he has been serial entrepreneur, and has founded four start-ups, been involved in two mergers and has been actively taking-up training, advisory and consulting assignments.

His social venture PotHoleRaja® -Pothole Management initiative with a vision "To Make Our Roads Pothole Free and fix any pothole within 3-5 days for safer commute" has catapulted him to a whole new realm altogether.

He is author to three Books, fifty plus blog articles and several research papers.  He has been a key note speaker in various forums and conferences. He has also been a TEDx speaker, sharing his journey of PotHoleRaja® social venture. Prathap is also is credited with training thousands of managers and leaders from across the globe.

Prathap is competitive sportsman has won state level Gold, Silver & Bronze medals in 25 mt and 50 mt Pistol shooting competitions recently. He has gone rappelling at 15000 feet face down at Buran Ghati Himalayan Trek and has been team manager and coach for the Paralympic Shooting Team of India for the Paralympic Shooting World Cup, 2017 held at Bangkok.

Prathap is widely travelled and till date has visited more than 13 + countries, meeting thousands of people, learning cultures, history and human mankind that he feels has been instrumental in shaping him.

Prathap considers his life’s vision as "Live, Love, Learn and Leave Legacy".

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