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BlueTiger is committed to help Individual & Organizations to achieve their highest potential. Our services help leaders & potential leaders to find their potential, identify & master their strengths, work on their opportunities and turn out to be progressive, ambitious & successful leader and great human being. Our services are customized, unique blend of fun & learning, highly impactful and with an ‘inside-out’ approach. We believe, Life is Simple and it’s the responsibility of everyone to keep it that way, whereas most people have made it complex and help each participant to understand how to have Pressure with Pleasure.

Behavioural & Leadership Training

BlueTiger is your ideal partner for Learning & Development, Executive Coaching & Mentoring. We are a 3 year old company led by someone with 3 decades of experience across various industries and multiple countries.

BlueTiger offers wide range of leadership development training programs to corporates & academics. BlueTiger courses are known for “simplicity, long-term retention, practical applicability” thereby inspiring the trainees to realize than just learning and adapt it in their life to impact their personal & professional world.

In addition to it, with vast experience combined with passion for Learning, Training & Coaching, BlueTiger is able to make significant impact to the clients’ employee morel & retention, employee job satisfaction & productivity.

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Executive Coaching

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith Certified Stakeholder Centered Executive Coaching

As a Certified Coach and with my nearly 30 years of wide-ranging experience across the world, I will be able to help you chase your dreams and achieve your business goals.

Further, through our partnership with Marshall Goldsmith we have introduced their highly effective and successful Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching program in Asia. This coaching program is unique as:

  1. It guarantees measurable results for executive leaders and the organizations they work for
  2. Our payment is based on the leadership effectiveness growth of your leaders
  3. The coaching program is a real time on the job process that is highly effective and time efficient

The whole program is focused on behavioural change to enhance leadership effectiveness. “The major challenge faced by executives today does not understand the practice of leadership; it is practicing their understanding of leadership”. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.


Most of the entrepreneurs start with lots of zeal. However, most of them find the going tougher than they were prepared & run out of steam early. Those who survive & thrive initially, will get stuck at different stages of growth and find it difficult to scale-up.

It’s quite common for the entrepreneurs to be loners and need someone with experience to help them filter their thoughts, ideas, ask simple but critical questions, a sounding board, give feedback & feedforward….in simple they need someone as a friend, philosopher, guide, coach and a teacher, when business & life poses tough situations.

We have had phenomenal success with mentoring. Under our mentoring, companies have grown from single digit up to nearly 1000 people and from few lakhs up to 50 crore annual revenue within 5 years. Though the numbers are good, there was no magic. They followed methods and made use of their mentors whenever required so that they could strike a deadly combination of innovation & speed with maturity & wisdom.