Why Bluetiger

  1. Customized trainings that provide solutions to your current or anticipated business problems, challenges or changes
  2. Trainings that are effective, transformative, make the participants to really learn, change their behaviour/outlook and long-lasting benefit
  3. Organization focused on Behavioural, Leadership and Organization Development related trainings
  4. Internationally experienced trainers with decades of varied industry experience with Global Certifications
  5. Trainers are Leaders of significant achievement, highest integrity with impeccable values and a brand as Individuals
  6. Offer Corporate and Open House Training/workshop, only organization in India to offer MBTI Workshop as an open house model
  7. Choice of Exclusive Training Programs based on the Best in the World to address ‘Real-Life” challenges/situations faced by the corporates & Individuals absolutely designed to cater to Entry level to CXO level
  8. An Organization that Delivers on their Promise
  9. Learning is fun, solid learning with pure entertainment that makes the participants to learn, realize and adopt voluntarily for the benefit of self, organization & family
  10. Training using very fundamental & simple techniques, which are unique & unheard by most
  11. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) MBTI Certified Practitioners, where MBTI is not only offered as a stand-alone programme, but also as a diagnostic tool to identify the exact reasons for the business/project level challenges and offer total solution
  12. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Executive Coaching Certified,( Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the #1 Executive Coach in the World), where the Leadership growth is “Guaranteed & Measurable” with a unique model “pay for results, no growth-no pay”
  13. Highly successful Mentors, who have helped young entrepreneurs to scale up from single digit to multimillion $$ business
  14. Very simple yet highly effective solutions to your complex & most complex situations and problems
  15. If your organization or team is need of a big doze of motivation & energy, you look nowhere!
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All programs designed, developed & delivered by BlueTiger are based on “Life is Simple” principle and we shall demonstrate it in all our training & coaching sessions. We follow the natural principles of life, inspired by mother nature and nurtured by the simple raw power of careful observation, curious conversations, different experiences, innocent questions, interesting readings, interactions with wise people, constant learning….in simple Living!

We firmly believe that all BIG THINGS are made up of small things and that matters the most. Big achievements happen by practicing few small things consistently over a period of time. That’s what we do best in all our training programs, for the trainee to feel, “yes, this is simple, even I can do it”. Needless to say, as Chinese philosopher Laozi said “the journey of thousand miles starts with the first step”, that one simple act of starting is the most significant step to accomplish anything in life.

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Open Sessions

Learning is mandatory as long as you live, though you have a choice between proactive or reactive learning. Generally, we come across people saying “I don’t need to learn, I am done”, but what they really mean is that “my proactive learning is done”. When you probe further, they normally believe that they have already acquired the knowledge & skills required to work & earn from their day job. The other response is that “Training (Learning) is helpful but is expensive”!

Take a moment to think about it; if proactive learning is expensive, how expensive would reactive learning be.

When you are considering unconventional methods to learn, say through courses or attending workshops to upgrade your technical, functional or behavioural skills, the common misconception is that this kind of learning has low return on Investment, with no immediate tangible benefit. But the true value of this kind of learning is only realised when the lack of it results in horrendous negative consequences such as loss of interest and drive in your personal and professional life.

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