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We live in a small world with large & very large opportunities of multiple magnitudes. The world is getting smarter and smart business people are partnering with strategic people & business units to leverage each other’s strength for mutual benefit.

BlueTiger welcomes the idea of partnership with anyone who shares its values of Highest Integrity, being Open & Transparent, Respecting every individual and holistic relationship. We are open to partner with any individual or organization that takes pride in what they do and work towards creating delighted customer & clients. We invite partnership from Individuals/organizations who is engaged in the business of training, coaching and mentoring, digital marketing companies, affiliate marketing companies, blog contributors from all parts of India & worldwide. We are keen on working with the SME’s on service-trade off basis, where you provide us your service to pay for our services or the vice-versa. That will enable the partnering company and BlueTiger to avail the best in class product & services at no/minimal cost, which otherwise wasn’t possible due to limited budgets. BlueTiger is committed to give the partner more value in return than received.

For example, if you are a technical training company in Kenya with established clients, you could benefit with us as you could do more business with the existing clients and add extra revenue with minimum additional expenses. Or you’re recruitment company based of Mumbai with good clientele, you could do a value added to service to your clients by being a partner of BlueTiger. If you are a digital marketing specialist, and would like to offer your services to pay for BlueTiger’s mentoring, executive coaching and/or training, then also you will have an opportunity to get your work done for without paying anything for it.

BlueTiger is open to collaborate with technical and other training companies from metros of India and any part of the world. Within India, we would like to partner with senior individual/companies that are in to recruitment, training, coaching, digital ,marketing, website development, blog writers, specialists with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Collaboration, value-add, leveraging respective strengths & resources to maximize the benefits to our customers and thereby to all of us.


About BlueTiger

BlueTiger is committed to help Individual & Organizations to achieve their highest potential. Our services help leaders & potential leaders to find their potential, identify & master their strengths, work on their opportunities and turn out to be progressive, ambitious & successful leader and great human being.

Why Choose Us

  • Customized trainings that provide solutions to your current or anticipated business problems, challenges or changes
  • Trainings that are effective, transformative, make the participants to really learn, change their behaviour/outlook and long-lasting benefit

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