Corporate Training

Your People are your real ASSETS. If you can have an AMC for all depreciating things that anyway become a liability in no time, think about how you are up-skilling your appreciating Assets, the key people. If the cost of training your employees is high, cost of retaining the untrained employees can be fatal

Open House Sessions

Learning is a Life Time Affair, whether you like it or not. The choice is between you learn proactively & climb the ladder or wait for the life to teach you lessons. If learning is expensive, think how expensive not learning can be. Only YOU are responsible for your current & future

One on One / One on Many Coaching

In this world, some people achieve more in less time, truly on Fast-track. On the other hand, there are many who demand more money for less work. Is it not amazing if we help these fast-trackers to accelerate their growth with no risk or cost to you?


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Top Experts

Sampath Iyengar

Sampath is an Engineer with further education from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata (IIMC), Certified Trainer from Dale Carnegie University. He is a certified MBTI Step 1 and Step 2 Practioner, Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, Certified Trainer on Global Leader of Future and Founding Member of the SME Big Leap club at the Indian School of Business.
Sampath has over 25 years of corporate experience working in leadership roles in large multi-nationals and over 5000+ hours of training delivery experience across India and abroad. He is also passionate about running and has successfully complete completed several half and full marathons.

Indu Venugopal

Indu is an Image Management expert, focused on creating a positive difference to Individuals and Groups as they learn to create a personal brand for leading their teams & organization in a confident & professional manner.
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Prakash B

Prakash is an accredited Level 4 Directive Communication Trainer and also a Certified Trainer from Dale Carnegie. He specializes in training leaders in creating winning teams & organizations.


I had challenge in balancing between work & life and hence stressed up a lot. After attending MBTI workshop, I am able to focus on important things & hence get more things done in less time. Thanks to my learning, I have more balanced & happier life now. I wish I would have done this much earlier.

Venkatesh G

After undergoing MBTI training from BlueTiger, I understand my strengths & weakness absolutely crystal clear. I have reallocated work among the top team members; I see my productivity going up, conflict & stress going down dramatically